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Irancy – France

Stéphanie Colinot born in 1977 in a family vineyard in Irancy, a village where grapes and cherries mix. She obtained two BTS, one in trade wines and spirits and the other in viticulture-oenology. She returned to the family estate, to ensure the cultivation of vines, vinification, aging and the wine trade for sixteen vintages.

In 2017, She decided to take independence. This is how created a new range of red Burgundy Yonne based on the theme of the fruit that dominates in each soil, a fun and organoleptic way to easily understand what wine is. She took 3.2 ha of vineyards Irancy family estate and plantations are already planned to expand a small farm.

Today, She was a viticulturist and winemaker in Chablis with her husband Jean-Paul Durup and two children. From now on, little foot of Pinot Noir in a vineyard of Chardonnay, remain the same to transmit you all love of the red wines!

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斯蒂芬妮科利諾莊園伊朗錫'萊斯卡耶斯'斯蒂芬妮科利諾莊園伊朗錫'萊斯卡耶斯'RVF 16
斯蒂芬妮科利諾莊園勃艮第丘陵 '胡椒粒'斯蒂芬妮科利諾莊園勃艮第丘陵 '胡椒粒'-
斯蒂芬妮科利諾莊園勃艮第庫朗格葡萄藤 '金心德覆盆子'斯蒂芬妮科利諾莊園勃艮第庫朗格葡萄藤 '金心德覆盆子'-