The Champagne wine region (archaic English: Champany) is a wine region within the historical province of Champagne in the northeast of France. The area is best known for the production of the sparkling white wine that bears the region’s name. EU law and the laws of most countries reserve the term “Champagne” exclusively for wines that come from this region located about 100 miles (160 km) east of Paris. The viticultural boundaries of Champagne are legally defined and split into five wine producing districts within the historical province: Aube, Côte des Blancs, Côte de Sézanne, Montagne de Reims, and Vallée de la Marne. The towns of Reims and Épernay are the commercial centers of the area.

嵐頌香檳嵐頌香檳WS 92
歌妮莊園尚普努瓦丘特級干紅 ‘雅典娜’歌妮莊園尚普努瓦丘特級干紅 ‘雅典娜’-
歌妮莊園泰奧菲勒特級香檳歌妮莊園泰奧菲勒特級香檳RP 91
歌妮莊園玫瑰香檳歌妮莊園玫瑰香檳RP 90
歌妮莊園高級經典香檳歌妮莊園高級經典香檳RP 88
歌妮莊園高級香檳歌妮莊園高級香檳RP 92+
歌妮莊園高級香檳 1.5 公升歌妮莊園高級香檳 1.5 公升RP 92+
歌妮莊園高級香檳3公升歌妮莊園高級香檳3公升RP 92+
羅蘭百悅香檳羅蘭百悅香檳RP 90
道依茨香檳道依茨香檳RP 90