CHÂTEAU JEAN FAURE’s historic 18-hectare vineyard is rooted in a magnificent terroir of clay and ferriferous soil, largely dominated by Cabernet Franc (50%). This is original for a Saint-Emilion wine, but similar to mythical Cheval Blanc and Figeac. Comprising Cabernet Franc (50%), Merlot (45%) and Malbec (5%), the estate’s vineyard produces wines, expressing elegance and freshness.

The wines of Château Jean Faure are elaborated from perfectly ripened grapes. Suave tannins and adapted maturing techniques deliver a natural vision of their potential, displaying pulpy, straight-forward and eloquent fruit. Obtaining strength is never a prerequisite; achieving silky tannins is the ultimate quest.

Château Jean Faure boasts a well-established reputation both in France and abroad; adjacent to Château Cheval-Blanc, this important domaine produces a wine which is remarkable due to its finesse and its extremely developed bouquet.

The estate of Jean Faure boasts various types of soil, where one comes across the best proportions for vine-growing, as well as light siliceous and thick stony-gravel soils, resting upon a ferruginous hardened sandy layer.

尚福酒莊尚福酒莊RP 87
尚福酒莊尚福酒莊, RP 88