Rhône Valley North – France

Domaine de Boisseyt was founded in 1797, shortly after the French Revolution, and for more than two hundred years was passed down through six generations—making it the oldest family domain in Côte-Rôtie. Its parcel of mythic Côte Blonde is sandwiched between those of Guigal and Chapoutier. In the summer of 2017 Domaine de Boisseyt-Chol was sold to winemaking partners Pierre-Jean Villa and Olivier Decelle. The purchase would have been a coup for anyone looking for exceptional vineyard holdings in the northern Rhone, and indeed there was considerable competition, but Pierre-Jean secured the purchase. Having grown up as a neighbor of the family in Chavanay, Pierre-Jean was an insider & Didier Chol trusted him as a fellow vigneron who would maintain the family tradition.

Pierre-Jean and his team did the 2017 harvest and made the wines. In 2018, he enlarged the production facility at De Boisseyt and outfitted it with new equipment including a state-of-the-art vertical screw press. More importantly, Pierre-Jean’s team is changing the viticulture by moving quickly to farming the 11 hectares of De Boisseyt vines organically. The long-term aim is to incorporate biodynamic methods.

“Côte-Rotie has the historic Côte Brune and Côte Blonde. This plot was planted in the 1930s and puts us in the heart of the mythic Côte Blonde. The wines are silky, with elegance and finesse, while still having the present tannins, structure and fruit of Syrah.” ~Pierre-Jean Villa.

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De Boisseyt Condrieu ‘Les Corbonnes’De Boisseyt Condrieu ‘Les Corbonnes’
De Boisseyt Côte Rôtie ‘Côte Blonde’De Boisseyt Côte Rôtie ‘Côte Blonde’
De Boisseyt Crozes-Hermitage ‘Horizon’De Boisseyt Crozes-Hermitage ‘Horizon’
De Boisseyt St Joseph ‘Les Garipelées’De Boisseyt St Joseph ‘Les Garipelées’
De Boisseyt St Joseph Blanc ‘Les Garipelées’, De Boisseyt St Joseph Blanc ‘Les Garipelées’
De Boisseyt Syrah ‘Confluence’De Boisseyt Syrah ‘Confluence’