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Bordeaux – France

Haut-Medoc is the large southern section of the greater Medoc district of Bordeaux in south-western France and also the name of the appellation that covers the vineyards here. It accounts for two-thirds of the Medoc peninsula and produces more fine wine per acre than almost anywhere else in the world.

The Haut-Medoc is home to the ‘famous four’ Bordeaux appellations of Margaux, Pauillac, Saint-Estephe and Saint-Julien, as well as the lesser-regarded Listrac and Moulis. They account for the majority of the wines produced here. The remainder are produced under the more general Haut-Medoc title.

The soil in the Haut-Medoc region is mainly composed of thick gravel layers that have been swept down river over time and now sit on a base of heavy clay. The warm, well-drained gravel terraces provide ideal growing conditions for the late-ripening Cabernet Sauvignon grapes that dominate plantings in the Medoc. Further inland, the soils turn to deep deposits of clay, where the Merlot grape variety thrives. Patches of limestone and sandier soils add diversity to the more widely spread gravels, which otherwise dominate the terroir.

Château Bernadotte CBChâteau Bernadotte CBRP 89
Chateau Cambon Pelouse Cru BChateau Cambon Pelouse Cru BRP 87
Chateau Charmail Cru Bourgeois SupérieurChateau Charmail Cru Bourgeois SupérieurRP 90
Chateau Citran CBChateau Citran CB, RP 85; RP 89; JS 92
Chateau Citran CBChateau Citran CBJS 92
Chateau Citran CBChateau Citran CB, RP 85 (2012),
RP 89 (2014),
JS 92 (2015)
Château Fontesteau Cru BChâteau Fontesteau Cru BRP 91; WE 89
Chateau Lamothe Bergeron Cru BChateau Lamothe Bergeron Cru BWE 90
Château Lanessan Cru BChâteau Lanessan Cru BRP 85
Chateau Larose Trintaudon CBChateau Larose Trintaudon CBRP 91
Château Larrivaux CBChâteau Larrivaux CB, RP 86 (2011),
RP 85 (2012)
Château Larrivaux CBChâteau Larrivaux CBRP 85
Château Sociando Mallet CBChâteau Sociando Mallet CBRP 90
Goulee by Cos dÉstournelGoulee by Cos dÉstournelRP 89
Les Allees de CantemerleLes Allees de Cantemerle, Cantemerle RP 88 (2012),
Cantemerle RP 88 (2014)
Les Allees de CantemerleLes Allees de CantemerleCantemerle RP 88