Bordeaux – France

Margaux lays on a soil of white graves – a special kind of gravel brought from the mountains by the river. Margaux (also a female name in France) is the quintessence of the terroir and of the winemaker’s work. That is probably the reason why the best châteaux produce also the best wines!

In Margaux, Château Margaux produces the most delicate wine of the Médoc. They are 18 Grands Crus Classés (great growths) in Margaux.

Margaux wines have a full-flavored bouquet and a magnificent elegance.

Baron de Brane (37.5cl)Baron de Brane (37.5cl)RP 89-91
Blason d'IssanBlason d'IssanRP 89-91
Chateau Cantenac Brown 3CCChateau Cantenac Brown 3CCRP 86
Chateau d'Issan 3CCChateau d'Issan 3CCRP 91
Château du Tertre 5CCChâteau du Tertre 5CCRP 91
Chateau Lascombes 2CCChateau Lascombes 2CC, RP 90-93 (2013),
RP 94 (2015)
Chateau Lascombes 2CCChateau Lascombes 2CCRP 94
Château Malescot St Exupery 3CCChâteau Malescot St Exupery 3CCRP 93
Château Malescot St Exupery 3CCChâteau Malescot St Exupery 3CC, RP 93 (2012),
RP 89-91 (2013)
Château Monbrison Cru BChâteau Monbrison Cru BRP 90-92
Château Pouget 4CCChâteau Pouget 4CCRP 85-87
Château Prieuré Lichine 4CCChâteau Prieuré Lichine 4CC, , RP 90; RP92
Château Rauzan Ségla 2CCChâteau Rauzan Ségla 2CCRP 90+
Chevalier de LascombesChevalier de Lascombes, Lascombes RP 94
La Sirene de GiscoursLa Sirene de Giscours, RP 87-91
Pavillon Rouge du Château MargauxPavillon Rouge du Château Margaux, RP 94 (2010),
RP 89 (2011)