Bordeaux – France

Margaux lays on a soil of white graves – a special kind of gravel brought from the mountains by the river. Margaux (also a female name in France) is the quintessence of the terroir and of the winemaker’s work. That is probably the reason why the best châteaux produce also the best wines!

In Margaux, Château Margaux produces the most delicate wine of the Médoc. They are 18 Grands Crus Classés (great growths) in Margaux.

Margaux wines have a full-flavored bouquet and a magnificent elegance.

力士金副牌力士金副牌, Lascombes RP 94
力士金城堡红葡萄酒力士金城堡红葡萄酒, RP 94
力士金城堡红葡萄酒力士金城堡红葡萄酒, RP 90-93
寶爵四級酒莊寶爵四級酒莊RP 85-87
帝仙副牌帝仙副牌RP 89-91
德達候爵莊四級莊園德達候爵莊四級莊園RP 87
德黑瓦倫丁酒莊德黑瓦倫丁酒莊RP 89
杜特五級酒莊杜特五級酒莊RP 91
湖珊雪格二級酒堡湖珊雪格二級酒堡RP 90+
瑪歌紅亭紅葡萄酒瑪歌紅亭紅葡萄酒, RP 89
瑪歌紅亭紅葡萄酒瑪歌紅亭紅葡萄酒RP 94
皮歐林齊酒堡皮歐林齊酒堡, , RP 90
碧加侯爵莊園碧加侯爵莊園RP 94
美人魚莊園副牌美人魚莊園副牌, RP 89-91
肯德布朗三級莊園肯德布朗三級莊園RP 86?
蒙布里松酒莊蒙布里松酒莊RP 90-92
馬利哥莊園馬利哥莊園, RP 89-91
馬利哥莊園馬利哥莊園RP 93