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The Mons family has been maturing cheese for three generations and travel throughout France to find artisan cheese makers who work with the best milk and offer the best expressions of that milk in their cheese. Herve Mons learned his craft from his father and has been recognized by the French government with the prestigious title of “Meilleur Ouvrier” de France. In 2002 he receives the title of “Best Fromager” by the Gastronomic Pudlo Guide. He has been asked to organize the 2002 show Congrilait, the most important worldwide event of the dairy industry. The Sirha contacted him for its 2003 “International contest of the best cheese board”. And this is only part of his achievements. Today the Maison MonS is recognized as the reference in specialty cheeses, and is the official supplier of the best tables around the world.

Herve Mons – “Meilleur Ouvrier de France” (MOF) in 2000.

Distributed exclusively by FICO in Hong Kong

Type RegionNameVintageRating
Cheese Platter 2kgCheese Platter 2kg
MonS Cheese board - Ardoise a fromageMonS Cheese board - Ardoise a fromage
Boska Cheese curler - Tete de Moine MachineBoska Cheese curler - Tete de Moine Machine
Figs & Honey Jam - Figues & MielFigs & Honey Jam - Figues & Miel
Blueberry & 5 Peppercorns Jam - Myrtilles & 5 baiesBlueberry & 5 Peppercorns Jam - Myrtilles & 5 baies
Quince Thyme Rosemary Jam - Coing Thym RomarinQuince Thyme Rosemary Jam - Coing Thym Romarin
Black Cherry Jam - Cerise NoireBlack Cherry Jam - Cerise Noire
Cheese Platter 4KgCheese Platter 4Kg
Cheese Platter 1kgCheese Platter 1kg