Bordeaux – France

Pomerol is located in the east of the Bordeaux region, near Saint-Émilion, in the area known as the Libournais – the town of Libourne sits just to the south of Pomerol. While most appellations are named after a village or town within their boundaries, Pomerol has no such epicenter. It is an unchanging 800-hectare (2000-acre) gravel bank, which rises and falls by only 20 meters (65ft).

The south and west of the appellation have sandier soils compared to the slightly heavier soils in the east, which include a certain proportion of clay. It is in this eastern section, on the marginally higher land where Pomerol meets Saint-Émilion, that the best wines are produced. Three of the most highly regarded Pomerol producers – châteaux Pétrus, Lafleur and Le Pin – are located here.

Merlot is the dominant grape in Pomerol and plays a large part in making the wines rich, smooth and approachable at an early age, while also being capable of extended aging. Cabernet Franc is also often present, adding structure and an element of savory spice. These characteristics mean Pomerol wines are much sought after on the international market.

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