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Irancy – France

Stéphanie Colinot was born in 1977 in a family vineyard in Irancy, a village where grapes and cherries mix. She obtained two diplomas, one in trade wines and spirits and the other in viticulture-oenology. Afterwards, she returned to the family estate, to ensure the winemaking, winegrowing , aging and the wine trade for sixteen vintages.

In 2017, she decided to become independent. This is how she created a new range of red Burgundy Yonne based on the theme of the fruit that dominates in each soil, a fun and organoleptic way to easily understand what wine is. She took 3.2 ha of vineyards within the Irancy family estate and plantations that are already planned to expand into a small farm. Today, she is a winegrower and winemaker in Chablis where she lives with her husband Jean-Paul Durup and their two children.

From now on, her small vines of Pinot Noir in a vineyard of Chardonnay are able to transmit all you love of the red wines!

Distributed exclusively by FICO in Hong Kong.

Stéphanie Colinot - Coteaux Bourguignons ‘Un Grain de Poivre’Stéphanie Colinot - Coteaux Bourguignons ‘Un Grain de Poivre’-
Stéphanie Colinot - Coulanges La Vineuse ‘Au Coeur de Framboise’Stéphanie Colinot - Coulanges La Vineuse ‘Au Coeur de Framboise’-
Stéphanie Colinot - Irancy ‘Les Cailles’Stéphanie Colinot - Irancy ‘Les Cailles’RVF 16