Colchagua – Chile

Viu Manent is a Chilean winery founded in 1935 and owned by the Viu family. The 230 hectares of the Viu Manent estate are located in the Colchagua Valley, 180 kilometers South of Santiago.

Viu Manent was a pioneer in producing the first Chilean Malbec wines. Today Viu Manent winery has earned great prestige worldwide for its Malbec, which was highly praised in the International Malbec Competition held in France in 2010, where it won 4 gold medals and the “Best Wine of the Southern Hemisphere” award for its Viu Manent Single Vineyard Malbec.

Distributed exclusively by FICO in Hong Kong

威瑪 1 號 - 第十二版威瑪 1 號 - 第十二版WS 92
威瑪 1 號 - 第十四版威瑪 1 號 - 第十四版RP 93+
威瑪莊園威波百年葡萄園威瑪莊園威波百年葡萄園PT 93
威瑪莊園特級佳美娜威瑪莊園特級佳美娜RP 89
威瑪莊園特級赤霞珠威瑪莊園特級赤霞珠WS 90
威瑪莊園秘藏白蘇維翁威瑪莊園秘藏白蘇維翁JS 89
威瑪莊園秘藏西拉威瑪莊園秘藏西拉PT 90
威瑪莊園秘藏赤霞珠威瑪莊園秘藏赤霞珠PT 91
威瑪莊園限量赤霞珠威瑪莊園限量赤霞珠JS 92
威瑪莊園限量馬貝克威瑪莊園限量馬貝克RP 92