Bloc of Goose Liver 200g – Bloc de Foie Gras d’Oie

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Country France

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This block of original foie gras will allow you to discover new flavors. Its subtle and refined taste will cut with the traditional block of duck foie gras.


For a refined aperitif this recipe is ideal for making your toast. Whether as an aperitif or as an appetizer, the block of goose foie gras is ideal to surprise your guests. Its originality will surprise you and will soon become the essential element for your aperitifs and your meals.

Slice it with a knife dipped in hot water. Remove the goose foie gras 15 to 20 minutes before the tasting. Serve it fresh on a country bread simply with fleur de sel and a little crushed pepper or with onion confit.

To be enjoyed with a sweet white wine or liquoreux: such as Gewurztraminer or a Jurançon.

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法國鵝肝醬 (可伴法包)