BOSKA x Herve Mons 芝士刀 (硬芝士)



尺寸:240x40x15 mm / 9.45” x 1.57” x 0.59”
材質:ABS /不銹鋼

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Looks and power all in one – you can cut through semi-hard to hard cheeses with ease with the Herve Mons Cheese knife. This new, sharp cheese knife is made of stainless steel which has been sharpened on both sides. The knife won’t bend when you’re exerting the force needed to break through the cheese, which makes it super safe to use. You can cut through the cheese like butter with its stainless steel blade. It’s strong, stylish, and dishwasher safe. You can cut through semi-hard and hard cheeses with ease with this powerful cheese knife.

Brute force
Thanks to its dashing looks, this knife will undoubtedly get the attention it deserves. But you’re not just adding a beautiful knife to your home. It’s actually immensely powerful. The handle feels sturdy and comfortable in your hand. All in all, you can take on the hardest cheeses with this powerhouse.

Top quality cheese knife
This top quality cheese knife design does not contain any wooden elements, which means that the dishwasher will do the washing up for you. Are you attending someone else’s party or event? It is a wonderful gift for family and friends. You’ll be having a carefree party thanks to this powerful cheese knife!