Seasonable Cheese Platter from Herve Mons (Extra Large)

Code: FHC09082
Country France
Region Cheese

Product ID: 2954

Jan-Feb-Mar 2020~ Selection of 8 cheeses:

Camembert, 250g x 2pcs, Cow (soft) – Normandie
Petit Sornin, 560g x 1pc, Cow (semi-soft, washed) – Loire
Cantal with Salers Milk, 500g x 1pc, Cow (hard) – Auvergne
Old Swiss Gruyère, 500g x 1pc, Cow (hard) – Switzerland
Bonde du Poitou, 200g x 2pcs, Goat (soft)- Nouvelle Aquitaine
Pérail, 150g x 3pcs, Sheep (soft) – Occitanie
Tomme Tressée, 600g x 1pc, Goat (semi-hard) – Loire
Fourme de Montbrison, 500g x 1pc, Cow (blue) – Loire

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