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Sauska Furmint Tokaj 2020

Harvested on the winery’s premium vineyards Padihegy, Birsalmás and Medve, this Furmint Tokaj 2020 is a great expression of the wonderfully rich Tokaj terroir. The diverse age (5-30 years) of the vines results depth and elegance quite unusual at this very young age. Pure and focused with balance and great volcanic minerality.




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6 x 750ml

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Founded by Christian and Andrea Sauska, the Sauska family`s Tokaj winery has been crafting sweet and dry white wines for nearly 20 years. In addition to the aszú and late harvest wines, the winery introduced its first dry vintage in 2009 followed by sparkling wines in 2011. The Sauska family opened its second winery in Villány in 2008. Their Bordeaux-blends, single varietal reds and Rose are among the most sought-after wines of Hungary around the world. The Sauska family is dedicated to the production of handcrafted, artisanal wines that reflect the terroir of their individual vineyards, with great enthusiasm on indigenous varietals, such as Furmint in Tokaj and Kadarka in Villány.