Nobleza Castellana Serrano Leg Set aged 12 months

Code: PVH62125
Country Spain

Product ID: 2970

Enjoy at home this wonderful 100% natural, reserve serrano ham.


We offer you this very comfortable thanks to lack of the bone of the hip with what the cut in ham holder will be clean and easy. Our Jamón Bodega has a smooth and exquisite flavor. With a guaranteed minimum weight of 5 kilos. This piece has been slowly cured in our warehouses for a minimum of 10 months and an average of 12. It has also been carefully selected, polished and shrink-wrapped for your greater comfort. A product from white pig, The genetic characteristics of this breed define their pieces with infiltration of fat in the form of intertwined veins with a lean of bright pink color, combined with a slow healing process that gives them a very mild aroma and flavor juicy and sweet.

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