Welcome to FICO,
Your Wine and Gourmet Partner since 1998

FICO International Limited is an importer and distributor of a number of famous wine labels from France, Italy, Spain, Lebanon, Australia, South Africa, North Africa, Chile and New Zealand. It also offers a range of services including buying ‘en primeur’, wine tastings, dinners and lectures opportunities.

Our aim is the satisfaction of your personal and business needs through our wide range of activities. We organize private or corporate wine tastings, dinners or wine appreciation lectures with owners of the most well-known Chateaux and Estates.

Our partners are major wine companies worldwide and we have exclusive representation in Hong Kong.

Our wines coming from all over the world!

In 2004, FICO brings to Hong Kong a wide range of the finest cheeses imported from Hervé Mons, one of the best cheese affineur in France.

The particularity of Mr. Hervé Mons is to use traditional methods of production and to mature the cheese in his caves to develop aroma and taste which make a real difference compared to the industrial cheeses.

Today the Maison MonS is recognized as the benchmark in specialty cheeses and is the official supplier of the best tables around the world. He won many awards such as the “Best Artisan of France” in 2000 which is the highest recognition one can achieve in the field of affinage.

FICO has also represented finest duck foie gras and gourmet from Southwestern France’s Clos Saint Sozy, as well as the authentic Spanish ham and gourmet products from El-bierzo.

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