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MonS Fromager & Affineur

Every week, FICO brings to Hong Kong a wide range of the finest seasonal cheeses from one of France’s best cheese affineur, MonS Fromager & Affineur.

The story of MonS Fromager & Affineur began in the 1960s when Hubert Mons and his wife started to sell their cheese to the inhabitants of their town. The Mons family is committed to the practice of affinage, they traveled all over France in search of the best dairy products and aged the cheese in their own caves. Hervé Mons, the son of Hubert, inherited the cheese craftsmanship from his parents and joined the family business in the 1980s. He was honored with the prestigious title of “Meilleur Ouvrier de France” (Best Artisan Craftsman of France) in 2000. MonS has 12 caves to age the cheese, including the famous railway tunnel “Tunnel de la Collonge”.

Today, Mons is recognised to be the benchmark in specialty cheeses and is the official supplier of the best tables around the world.

Seasonal Cheese Platter

july – september 2023

Small Cheese Platter (1KG)

1pc × Étivaz – Cow (hard)
1pc × Carré de Saint Victor – Goat (soft)
1pc × Tomme Tressée – Cow (hard)
1pc × Langres – Cow (soft,creamy)
1pc × Fourme d’Ambert – Cow (blue, soft)

large Cheese Platter (2KG)

4pcs × Dragonnet – Goat (soft)
1pc × Beaufort – Cow (hard)
1pc × Tomme de la Croix Lucas – Cow (soft, washed)
1pc × Soumaintrain – Cow (soft)
1pc × 1924 – Cow/Sheep (blue, soft)
1pc × Lavort – Sheep (semi-hard)

French delights

Clos Saint Sozy

Established in the Lot département of southwestern France in 1975, Clos Saint Sozy is committed to producing the finest duck foie gras and other specialties from ducks, with the utmost respect for southwestern traditions. Their products have received over 45 medals at the Salon de l’Agriculture.

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