Mas Amiel has a history of over 200 years in Languedoc-Roussillon. In 1816, civil engineer Raymond Etienne Amiel won 80-hectares of the property from a gamble. In 1907, Mas Amiel was acquired by Charles Dupuy who began developing the brand, and was later succeeded by Jean, his son, who carried on the business and made fortified wines on the estate.

Since 1999, Mas Amiel has been led by Olivier Decelle, who aimed to bring its wine to new heights, exploring new ranges with different stories. Currently, the estate places great emphasis on preserving their rich ecosystem. In doing so, attentive and careful intervention is given to each parcel’s unique needs. The illustrious estate is 100% organic in 2018 and acquired its biodynamic certification in 2020.

The legendary Maury wine from Mas Amiel is made in the traditional oxidative style. After fermentation and maceration, the wine is then racked into glass carboys and stored in the open air on a land that houses 1,000 bottles of 60-liter demijohns. For 1 year, the wine is subjected to the rays of the sun and thermal shocks and develops rancio notes, as well as orange-brown tints, colored with mahogany. It is then matured for up to a few decades in large oak casks, whereby the wine’s red berry aromas slowly change to dried fruit aromas.

The wines from Mas Amiel are now featured in many Michelin-starred restaurants and are recognized worldwide by wine lovers.

FICO is the exclusive importer of Mas Amiel in Hong Kong.

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