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Yves Jacques MCM62 Blanc de Blancs Brut N/V

MCM in romain numerals means 1900 so the cuvée MCM62 in reference of the 1st Chardonnays were planted by Yves JACQUES in 1962. In this Blanc de blancs we find Chardonnays from Sézanne. This wonderfull terroir benefits from substantial sunshine coupled with a chalky and limestone subsoil. This Champagne is balanced between roundness and minerality, a Champagne to enjoy lightly or with a seafood platter.

FICO is the exclusive importer for Champagne Yves Jacques in Hong Kong.




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6 x 750ml

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For three generations, Champagne Yves Jacques has been the custodian of ancestral heritage and savoir-faire. Their family vineyard, spanning from the picturesque village of Sézanne to Baye and Chouilly, nurtures the three iconic Champagne grape varieties. With utmost dedication, they meticulously craft their Champagne wines in their own cellars in Baye, following the time-honored traditional method.