Domaine de la Janasse

Domaine de la Janasse has become one of the benchmark estates in the Rhône Valley. The estate produces an incredible range of wines that combines the best of both traditional and modern techniques, from their Vin de Pays, to Côtes du Rhônes and to their signature Châteauneuf-du-Papes.

In 1967, when Aimé Sabon took over the vineyards from his father after returning from military service, he decided to create wines in his own label. In 1973, he built his own cellar and named it after the family’s farm located in the locality of “La Janasse”. Aimé’s son Christophe came back to La Janasse in 1991, he was given the keys to the cellar. Christophe carefully working the soils throughout the estate, and creating cuvees that harness the qualities of 60+ separate though close-together plots. From then, different cuvees were developed. Isabelle, Christophe’s sister then joined the family in 2001. Together the siblings give a voice to each plot through complex blending, following an overarching principle: concentration without over-extraction, elegance and a satisfying heft, power with finesse.

From 15 hectares at the beginning, La Janasse has now reached over 90 hectares. The terroirs range from sandy soils in the North to lightly-coloured clay and limestone soils and gravelly red clay and galets in the South. Every soil, exposure and microclimate of the domaine has been meticulously and analysed, to perpetuate the tradition of the 13 grapes varieties, by matching each one with the shelter of a suitable terrior. At the same time, to bring more diversity to the wines with moderate alcoholic grape potential.

The grapes go through a dual sorting process to ensure that only the best ones are selected for further processing. All the vinification and maceration processes that follow depend on the quality of the grapes selected during the sorting process. This makes the wines fresh, intense and aromatic.

FICO International is the exclusive importer and distributor for Domaine de la Janasse in Hong Kong.

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