U MES U FAN TRES (1+1=3)

1+1=3 winery started more than 10 years ago, although the founders were fully linked to the world of wine from long before. The 1+1=3 brand name has its origins in the sum of different synergies; oenologist Josep Piñol passion for vineyard and cellar work; bodeguero Josep Anton Bonell who coordinates aging, bottling, and the preparation of products; and Carles Esteve famous local winemaker and partner. They are one of the few wine-growing estates in Penedes that bottles its Cava production from estate-grown grapes. Meticulous care is taken over the vineyards as well as the vinification; the result is a range of delicious, beautifully made Cavas with the emphasis on finesse, elegance and a perfect balance.

FICO is the exclusive importer of 1+1=3 in Hong Kong.

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