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Chateau Musar Rose 2017

It has the aromas of peaches, strawberries and fruity apple, the palate show its true power and round. This wine has touch of silk with almonds.




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6 x 750ml

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Chateau Musar Rosé is a still and softly-oaked tribute to the ‘blended’ rosés of Champagne, a style much enjoyed by Serge Hochar. It is not made every year as specific grape qualities are required to ensure the varieties combine in elegant form. In their youth the wines are salmon pink in colour, smooth, well-balanced and velvety-textured, with aromas and flavours of peaches, pears, oranges, grapefruit, almonds, wild herbs and citrus leaves. They develop mellow, spicy notes and tawny hues as they age.

The 2017 has an intriguing gold-orange-salmon hue of pink and nose reminiscent of the Chateau Musar white, but with tangerine citrus, rosewater and a savoury, somewhat exotic spice note that continues to the palate with subtle quince and vanilla flavours. Much like the white, it has a satisfying richness and glycerol weight which belies the low alcohol and finishes with a refreshing saline minerality.

As the wine ages, its aromatic complexity will develop and enhance, further integrating the vanilla-oak characteristic. An ideal aperitif wine, though also suited to seafood, charcuterie and mature cheeses. Serve cellar cool (15°C), not cold.