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Quarterly Cheese Platter from Herve Mons (1kg)

1pc × Lingot des Causses – Goat (soft)
1pc × Langres – Cow (soft, creamy)
1pc × Vully Noir – Cow (semi-hard)
1pc × Pérail – Sheep (soft)
1pc × Bleu d’Auvergne au lait cru – Cow (blue, soft)

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1st January to 31th March 2023

Selection of 5 cheeses:

Lingot des Causses – 180g
TYPE: Raw goat milk, soft
REGION: Occitanie, France
SMELL: Goat, goat milk yogurt, straw
TASTE: Nice sourness, salty spots, strong goat taste

Langres – 220g
TYPE: Thermized cow milk, soft, creamy
REGION: Grand-Est, France
SMELL: Milky, bestial and yeasty
TASTE: Acidulous and milky inside, barny on the edges

Vully Noir – 250g
TYPE: Thermized cow milk, semi-hard
REGION: Vaud Canton, Switzerland
SMELL: Clear, spicy and warm
TASTE: Explosive, roasted and animal start, wide finale

Pérail – 150g
TYPE: Raw sheep milk, soft
REGION: Occitanie, France
SMELL: Bestial, cream, sheep milk yogurt
TASTE: Smooth, mix of cream, raw milk and a lamb taste finale

Bleu d’Auvergne au lait cru – 200g
TYPE: Raw goat milk, soft, blue
REGION: Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, France
SMELL: Mushrooms and bestial, raw milk, noble fermentation
TASTE: Strong flavors of mushrooms, hazelnut and milk