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Mas Amiel Maury ’20 Ans d’Age’

This Mas Amiel Maury ’20 Ans d’Age’ recalls tobacco leaves, hazelnut, coffee liqueur, and grilled almonds. Then, it evokes an old orange liqueur, thereby offering us a trip to the Far East and its world of spices. This is a lively wine, boasting dazzling freshness. The finish is extraordinary with well-structured and mild bitterness.




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6 x 750ml

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The legendary Maury wine from Mas Amiel is made in the traditional oxidative style. After fermentation and maceration, the wine is then racked into glass carboys and stored in the open air on a land that houses 1,000 60-liter demijohns. For 1 year, the wine is subjected to the rays of the sun and thermal shocks and develops rancio notes, as well as orange-brown tints, colored with mahogany. It is then matured for up to a few decades in large oak casks, whereby the wine’s red berry aromas slowly change to dried fruit aromas.

Like a miracle of nature, this Maury ’20 Ans d’Age’, boasting a magnificent amber color develops aromas of slightly acidulated dried fig, mixed with mild spices, followed by more surprising notes of fresh licorice. This wine offers an unexpected finish with great persistence.